The Cortecchia Cellar has invested over the years important financial resources for the technological renewal of its production and control facilities in order to meet the demands of the global market and to guarantee the quality of its products in an ever faster market and demanding.
Cortecchia’s winery has a total production capacity of 22Million litres and is equipped with the following technology:
  • A modern delivery bay and grape processing plant
  • Latest-generation tangential filtration units
  • Refrigeration facilities: used during vinification for controlling the fermentation temperature of musts, and for storing finished products
  • A refining section for high-end products, where the wine is aged in oak casks in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment
  • A tartaric stabilization system
  • Latest-generation concentrator with cold evaporation for preserving the varietal typicality





The wine is shipped under the client’s own arrangements or by our company via long-standing agreements with national and international freight companies.


Wine industry services

Cantina Cortecchia offer a range of services for external clients such as::
  • Grape processing
  • Storage and conservation of products
  • Private Label and Own Brand products
  • Wine processing services such as filtration and tartaric stabilization
  • Oenological consultancy




Increasingly stringent quality control and product certification requirements mean increasingly quick response times, which is why Cortecchia has continuously invested over the years in new laboratory technology.
As an added guarantee of the total safety of the products we sell, we also operate in partnership with acccredited external laboratories.




The Cortecchia Cellar has been awarded the certification of "Food safety system ISO 22000: 2005, ISO / TS 22002-1: 2009" and FSSC 22000 for wine and grape processing in tankers, tankers, flexitank, container containers for the food industry.


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