Cantina Cortecchia produces a number of wine products made from grapes processed on the estate or from intermediate products like must, partially-fermented wines and selected wines from the leading Italian and European producers.
It’s the exceptional flexibility of our production processes that enables Cortecchia to offer a vast range of products.





The primary mission of the oenologists at Cortecchia is to select grapes and subject the must to production processes designed to obtain a product of the highest quality at competitive prices.



Oenological technologies

Continuous investment in new wine-making technologies means we get the very best out of our grapes in terms of quality and character, optimizing their expressiveness and aromatic complexity.


The products


Cortecchia can produce dry, semi-dry, sweet and oak aged wines to order.




Fresh musts
Concentrated grape must

Rectified concentrated grape must
Desulphurized must


Generic wines
Varietal wines 

IGP wines 

DOP wines


Base wines for sparkling wines
Aromatic wines
Red and rosé wines
Cask-aged full-bodied red wines
Italian organic wines




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