Your Blend Comes To Life

Your wine on request

Our experience in quality winemaking enables us to create a wine blend specific to your customer’s preferences. 60 years of successful vintages have taught us how to fulfill our customer’s needs.

Our winemakers are at your service

The skilled Cortecchia winemaking team is available to offer advice and to work with you to find the most suitable blend for your specific request.


Implementing your brand

Wine Dream Team

Finding the right blend is like fulfilling your dream.

Over the years we have honed a close-knit team of winemakers who have years of experience. They can create the blend you desire using our grapes and our process.

The “blend research” is a process we use to organize how we work with you to sample and finalize your blend. This can be accomplished either at our winery or remotely in your location.

Through “tasting” we work with you to share a conversation and understand exactly your requirements and tastes to achieve the desired blend.

We will work side by side with you to fulfill each request in any wine category, from entry level to premium.

The Blending Experience

The most focused consulting experience.

There's nothing like “blending on site” at our headquarters to really inspire your brand. A dynamic journey with multiple tastings that can make your blending sessions inspired and authentic. The conversation between our winemakers and our clients conveys the passion for the wine, new feelings and inspiration, sometimes leading to very creative and delicious results.

And then there's the natural setting of our location, in the beautiful Romagna hills.

Come and visit us: more than consulting, a full-blown experience in good taste.

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