Your Bottle Comes To Life

A 360° customization of your bottle

We call it creative bottling! An innovative service, where we build your complete package from scratch according to your preferences. Wine, bottle, label, closure, packaging, every element contributing to the appeal of your wine brand.

Is form or content more important?

For us the ideal is the perfect synergy between these two elements.

One of the most important aspects of a successful wine brand is the outer presentation of the package. When you request our design team to create the perfect wine for you, Cortecchia offers you a complete custom design service including wine, label design and all packaging materials, even down to the bottle itself.


We have a range of designs already setup and ready to go. We can adapt your brand name wine to a “custom label” brand that can be ordered in quantity for exclusive distribution in your market.


Already have your label design? We can provide everything else. Choose the bottle shape, the closure, outer case and, most important, the wine itself. You only need to provide the label.


Cortecchia has an established branded wine that can be sold exclusively by customers in different markets.

Your tailor-made bottle

We create your wine bottle complete in every detail, based on your specific needs and preferences.

All aspects of the product are covered including bottle shape following traditional shapes or new innovations, graphic design for the label, font type, colors, pictures and closure type (cork, screwcap, stopper, etc.)


Crafting quality brings rewards

Suggestions from our experience

With a custom label and special blend we are able to offer a unique product that will enable you to drive higher margins. By working with us to create your own blend and package the result will be increased sales and an authentic wine that will excite your customers.”

Viktoria Szovenyi

Export Manager

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